Thursday, October 24, 2013

Welcome To My Blog!

As a result of Google messing up my "Creating With Scraps" blog where none of the photos were showing up, even though they are in my Picassa album, I have been forced to start anew, with a new blog and a new name.  My apologies to those who have been unable to access the photos in my old blog.  I have now deleted "Creating With Scraps" and I have started "Gaalmark's Scrapbook."  

Rather than try to rebuild the old blog, I am starting from the present time and will add some pages with my older layouts, perhaps organized by year, not sure yet.

My latest layout was created for the October 2013 Progressive Challenge at The Studio.  I really enjoy progressive challenges.  I delight not only in creating my layout, but also in watching everyone else's layout gradually come together.  Although I do not celebrate halloween, I managed to participate by downplaying the halloween theme.  Here is the progression of my layout.

Click on image for larger view

 Day 1-- We used 3 papers.  I chose to blend two of them for the angled paper.

Day 2 -- Frames were added.

 Day 3 -- A cobweb, lamp post, and fence were added.

 Day 4 -- Foliage and flowers were added.

 Day 5 -- Stitching, button, pumpkin, and a brush were added.

 Day 6 -- A lantern, bow, and more flowers were added.

Day 7 -- An autumn leaf, another brush, a scatter, photos, and text were added.
The end result is: An Autumn Children's Song

Kit used:  Small Town Halloween Mega Kit -- by The Studio Designers .  
Font:  A Chick Signed My Yearbook

Hope you clicked on the first image and enjoyed watching as the progression of the page unfolds  before your eyes. If you start clicking from Day 7 then you will see it disappearHave fun!

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  1. Your finished page looks great! Job well done Nertha!